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How are your stocks really performing? Easy stock analysis. Import data, get instant ratio analysis
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23 January 2008

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This application analyzes financial performance of a set of companies and lets you decide winners and losers in the group. Calculating fair value estimates to help deciding the high performers. That way one can decide how to trim or add to one’s stock portfolio for optimum returns.

Pros: Value Investor is an application that lets you analyze the performance of a company from the published data in the company annual reports. It has facilities to import the financial data to avoid the tedium of manually entering such data, which could be voluminous. There are some 26 financial values that can be entered and one could derive something like 70 ratios to analyze performance completely. The ratios could be for a similar group or multiple ratios for one company.

That lets you clearly decide the star stocks and the laggards you may have in your portfolio. For the long-term, one could estimate a fair value of a company based on share price history and company performance over the years as well as performance of the stock indices over the same period. That should let you decide what to hang onto and what stocks need to be pruned out of the portfolio. Automatic explanations of performance data are provided to further ease the decision making and thorough understanding of the analysis.

The user interface design is somewhat unusual but suits the purpose very well. Functions are grouped together and are lad out on the first page. You are taken to the relevant set of function on selecting an action in a particular group. Sample data, charts and performance indices along with explanations makes this a very easy to use package.

Cons: Nothing problematic noticed.

Overall: a very handy tool for keeping a track of one’s stock portfolio. Easy to use and has lots of explanatory notes to help explain various performance ratios. Most laymen would be able to use this application effectively. Definitely this is a 5 star performing application.

Publisher's description

How are your stocks really performing? Easily analyze stocks with Value Investor 1.3. Every stock investor wonders if they made the right decision in selecting their stock investments. With Value Investor 1.3, you can instantly analyze a companys stock, uncovering the results with ease. Most other company stock analysis programs have no import feature, forcing you to enter all data manually. Value Investor lets you virtually eliminate tedious manual data entry, saving you time, and getting you right into analyzing the results. You get flexibility in the 26 financial values you can enter. The more data entered, the more detailed of an analysis you will get. You get equal flexibility viewing 70 separate financial ratios. View one ratio or several grouped together. Compare ratios of multiple companies, or multiple ratios for one company. Great for finding winner and losers. Is the companys stock overpriced or undervalued? Estimate the fair value of a companys stock and compare it to its actual stock price with the click of a button with the new fair value estimation utility. Automatic explanations of all analysis results help you spot trends and major happenings within your data. Impress others with fast-loading, fast-printing professional quality reports. Shorten your learning curve with the complete financial analysis reference section included. We have an expert technical staff ready to answer your questions, help you with problems, and address any concerns you may have. Value Investor is designed and priced for you, the individual investor or investor soon-to-be. Other analysis software makers are asking hundreds or even thousands for the same features found in Value Investor. Why pay so much more for features you will not need? Give yourself the piece of mind about the stocks you own or plan to own by downloading our FREE TRIAL software version of Value Investor. By using Value Investor, you can learn more about your stocks than you ever have.
Value Investor
Value Investor
Version 1.3.8
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